Guidelines and Standards

To accommodate the business needs of a wide range of user industries, the ANSI ASC X12 EDI standards include many segments, elements, and code which are not applicable in the utility business environment.  In order for EDI to be implemented as efficiently and effectively as possible, the UIG has defined a more selective subset of the X12 standard for many of the transactions exchanged by utilities and their trading partners.   These transaction subsets have been published as the UIG Implementation Guidelines.

The UIG Guidelines are intended to serve as general models for the implementation of the transaction sets, so as to achieve consistency in content, meaning, and application across the industry. It is recognized that a company's business systems may not permit that company to conform to the UIG Guidelines in their entirety;  however, it is anticipated that UIG member companies will adhere to these Guidelines to the maximum extent possible.

A comprehensive discussion of the business, technical, and legal considerations surrounding EDI can be found in the ten chapters of the UIG Guideline, accessible through the Guideline Contents; this material is recommended for those new to EDI.   Information about the status and availability of individual transaction sets can be accessed through the Transactions. There are also White Papers and Presentations available for download.